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    Between the Lightning

                      and the Thunder

The Book of James opens with the single greatest statement of faith in all the Bible, “James a servant of God, and the Lord Jesus Christ.” An expression from a man who had the unique privilege of sharing meals, siblings and even parents with the Son of God. He spent his life walking in Jesus’ shadow, looking up to Him, working and playing with Him, laughing and weeping with Him.

The Bible speaks of the skepticism and disbelief James had in who Jesus claimed to be, so what happened to convince a man filled with uncertainty and doubt to proclaim his own brother to be the Son of God?

The answer is found in that momentary space between the lightning and the thunder. where crushing regret intertwines with a mosaic of faces from the past. Where youthful reflections meet adult realities bringing James to that place where the mind encounters truth and the heart is re-united with God.

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