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This is my Project Page.

Here you will find a few of the stories

that have been rattling around in my head,

taking shape, and waiting to come out in print.

Christian fiction provides limitless opportunities to

develop stories around real people. As an example, except

for a select few, most of those in the Bible are nameless faces

with little or no back story. Fiction provides a way to explore these very

special people whom God chose to add in his written legacy. The rules are simple,

though the story is a fictional tale, it must never violate God’s Word, or distort its truth in any way.

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The Journey Untold

(A conceptual work in planning and prayer.)

The Journey Untold

A child was born into a life filled with promise. A home filled with love, the assurance of a good education, in a time when few were afforded such luxuries. As a young man a successful career was all but guaranteed in his father’s established business. The good life was his, yet when we meet him for the first time, we find his life to be anything but good. He made choices and turned his back to God. Now he is alone, abandoned by all who knew him. He no longer sleeps in a comfortable home, but among the dead in the tombs. The life of the one we only know as Legion changed into something nearly inhuman when Satan gained a foothold into his heart. But no matter how deep a life may fall it is not lost when the power of God’s love speaks into it.

Three Gates To Hell

The world became a different place in the lost year spent in Viet Nam. The poodle skirt was replaced by the mini, work jeans were switched for flowered bellbottoms, and the beatnik made way for a new group of longhairs called hippies. Bob Richards, an Army Veteran steps into a career that will change everything he knew about life. A rookie cop in the San Francisco Bay Area, with an attitude and a chip on his shoulder, Bob encounters the underside of humanity and despite heartbreaking losses, he comes out a different man.

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(A conceptual work in planning and prayer.)

Just waiting for ideas...